April 22, 2023

Fränkische Schweiz

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Trail running in the Franconian highlands

Rocky cliffs, caves, and thousands of single track trails found at Ultratrail Fränkische Schweiz powered by Karpos

In April 2022, UTFS celebrated its debut and so began a new age for the Franconian highlands. On April 22, 2023 the race returns to the high-profile course through the Wiesent Valley. You will run along the finest single track trails, past climbing rocks, and even through caves. Pure adventure!

UTFS Route

Trail running races through the highlands of Franconia


33km / 1,380m elevation gain

The Speed Trail powered by Run and Hike starts and ends in the market square in downtown Ebermannstadt. It’s equally perfect for those new to trail running and those seeking fast race times. This little brother to the Ultra Trail should not be underestimated, though. There are still 1,380 meters of elevation gain and some very technical parts to overcome.


66km / 2,760 m of elevation gain

Since UTFS was founded as an ultramarathon trail race, this distance will remain the principal distance of UTFS. We again send you through the beautiful Franconian highlands, with some minor changes to the course from 2022. There are castles, caves, and seemingly endless ups and downs. We ask you to lay it all out there. It might even take your breath away.

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This was UTFS in 2022

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About us

Who we are and our connection to the Franconian highlands

The UTFS Team

We are five Franconians (either by birth or by choice) who are bound together by an overwhelming passion for (ultra) trail running and by a love for our home trails in the Franconian highlands. Together we plan to stimulate the region by offering trail events and helping to grown a trail running community in the heart of the Franconian highlands.

From left to right: Werner Schlund, Florian Troeger, Stefan Meyer, Johannes Hendel und Matthias Barsch

The Franconian Highlands need not hide behind the Alps. It offers more continuous ups and downs, and more technical and narrow trails which challenge both the body and the mind. About the rise of ultra trail running in the highlands of Franconia.

From Ebermannstadt in Upper Franconia to the base of the Dolomite mountains in Italy, support for UTFS is ever-present and will never be taken for granted. We present …

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