9. March 2022

UTFS Partner: Karpos

Free to keep going

If you stand in front of Karpos headquarters at the base of the Dolomite Mountains, you will quickly understand where their knowledge, expertise, and unbridled passion for mountain sports come from. Since 2007, surrounded by the most amazing mountain landscape, Karpos has grown with a unique mission in mind.
It was their passion for rock climbing, mountaineering, ski mountaineering, and ski touring in their beautiful surroundings which informed their high expectations of outdoor clothing and created a need for innovative materials. The inspiration came from climbing and winter ski mountaineering. The goal was to create such lightweight and comfortable equipment that you would be able to concentrate exclusively on your self, the movement, and the environment around you.

Experts in highly functional trail running wear

Karpos delivers lightweight, high functioning clothing for trail and mountain running. From head to toe and in any weather, whether in the high mountains or on local trails, the wearer is best dressed come what may. Where fit and comfort receive just as much attention as function and design. This brand has perfected the balance between materials, high-quality craftsmanship, and intelligent features. Though they don’t stand out, those features make all the difference on the mountain and on the trail.

Northern Italy meet Northern Bavaria

As clothing partner for Team Schamel, the running team sponsored by the central Franconian horseradish producer Schamel, Karpos has expanded its influence into northern Bavaria and positioned itself as the official partner of UTFS.

Karpos has a wide variety of products consistently geared toward the outdoor mountain experience. „We offer highly functional, technologically advanced outdoor clothing for every friend of the mountains and nature, no matter how fast he or she is, whether in alpine regions, in highland areas like the Franconian Alps, or in the local woodlands. All of our clothing lines share a colorful, sporty look inspired by Italian vitality where we try to combine form, function, color and design in the best way“, explains Axel Bauer, Karpos’ Communications and Marketing manager for Germany and Austria. „Even though our roots lie in the highly athletic and often competitive worlds of ski mountaineering, rock climbing, and trail and mountain running, the knowledge from these disciplines informs our more classic trekking, hiking, and lifestyle collections.

Karpos: official partner of UTFS

Johannes, a member of the UTFS organizational team, on the Felsensteig Trail heading towards Gößweinstein, wearing Karpos clothing, of course © Gerhard Illig Photography

Discover technologically advanced clothing for your next mountain adventure


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