15. May 2022

The 1st annual Ultra Trail Franconian Switzerland (UTFS)

Reports and Impressions from UTFS 2022

Three weeks after the debut of UTFS in Ebermannstadt, it’s easy to sum it up in one sentence: It was absolutely awesome!

And that’s exactly how we want it to stay. It’s best to share a selection of photos which can speak louder than any words. In addition, we’ll let the participants who experienced it give their impressions of UTFS 2022.

“An event with the potential to create a cult following, where a lot of blood, sweat and tears have been poured, and which we certainly haven’t heard the last of.”

“The course offered a good mix of easy-to-run trails, technical segments, tourist highlights, and sections through the most beautiful places in the Franconian highlands.”

“UTFS is a head above the rest. A course which led past so many highlights, technically demanding passages combined with easy-to-run sections – simply great!”

“The race was really well-organized. It started with the course. Awesome trails, lots of up and down, and lots of stairs. It was just my thing!”

“It wasn’t for the faint at heart. At the 1st annual UTFS, it was 65 kilometers of nonstop up and down. The winner finished in less than 6 hours!”

“It was really close between 1st and 2nd place at the first annual UTFS. But the finish line wasn’t the only special part.”

“We are certain this race will find a place among the top most authentic and beloved highland race classics, on par with Lamer Winkl, etc.”

Photos by Gerhard Illig

Impressions from the 1st annual UTFS


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